Liquid waterproofing specialist, Hyflex, has completed a series of complex detailed waterproofing works to gutters and other areas at Gloucester’s historic cathedral.

Hyflex was appointed by architects, Steinborn & Taylor, who specified a liquid waterproofing system as the most suitable solution to seal the detail areas where decay and water ingress issues had arisen.

A programme of ongoing repairs and refurbishment continues to take place at the Cathedral with a full time stone mason repairing existing gargoyles and creating new additions over a number of years. The gargoyles themselves form part of the rainwater system with the gutters cut out and prepared for a new lead shute to be dressed, though the parapet wall and into the gargoyle. Working in phases over a 15 year period, Hyflex has applied its own Hyflex 15 waterproofing to the complex detailed gutter areas running parallel behind the cranellated parapet walls.

Allan Southall, Hyflex National Sales manager said: “This project really does demonstrate the versatility of liquid systems being able to meet a broad range of demands. From heritage buildings such as this, to modern and new build, specifiers are increasingly recognising the many benefits that liquid waterproofing has to offer. Cold applied the system offers zero health and safety risks whilst offering a long product life as detailed in our British Board of Agrement Certificate.”