Cold applied liquid roof waterproofing designed for use over compressible substrates such as insulation, or over substrates which are not suitable for direct application of a liquid coating.

Complete with a 10 year guarantee covering both materials and workmanship.

Where design requirements call for insulation, Hyflex 10 Plus insulation is available as an intergral part of the system.

Hyflex 10 Plus uses the same proven waterproofing constituents as Hyflex 10 with the addition of an SBS modified, polyester reinforced base sheet which acts as a carrier for the liquid coatings. This is bonded to the substrate using Hyflex Cold Bond liquid adhesive. This offers additional puncture resistance  which makes the system more appropriate for use over compressible substrates.

Key Features

•     Seamless
•     Light in weight
•     Easily maintained
•     Suitable for maintenance traffic
•     Cold applied
•     AA fire rating
•     10 year guarantee
•     Long life expectancy
•     Single source security
•     Revival system available
•     Optional colour finishes
•     Excellent value for money
•     Improved puncture resistance
•     Suitable for use over insulation
•     Non slip walkways are available

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For further details and downloadable specification go to:

NBS Plus website – Section J31- Liquid Applied Waterproof Roof Coverings Reference – 110 Cold Applied Roof Coverings.

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