The heavy duty cold applied reinforced waterproofing and surfacing system for balconies, walkways, ramps and terraces.

The Exemplar range of products based on the latest PMMA [polymethylmethacrylate] technology provides us with a tough, lightweight,fully bonded system which can be bonded to most existing substrates found on balconies and walkways. It is also suitable for new build.

There are two variants available depending on whether or not the application is over occupied premises.  Different wearing finishes are also available depending on the anticipated level of traffic:

Key Features & Benefits

  • Cold Applied,  no flame.
  • Quick cure,  minimum disruption for residents/occupants/trading activities.
  • Compatible with all common substrates,  no need to strip existing.
  • Fully bonded,  no possibility of wind uplift.
  • Durable wearing finishes,  long life, easy to clean, cuts maintenance cost, chemical resistant.
  • Seamless finish,  no ingress through weak seams, joints or fixings.
  • Low temperature application,  Can be applied in UK winters [-5ºc]
  • Liquid applied,  can be applied to awkward shapes and penetrations.
  • Elastomeric,  the system can cope with unforeseen  movement and cracking.
  • 4mm thickness.   Generally means that existing details do not have to be changed i.e. thresholds.
  • Variety of colour finishes available. Increases design possibilities effecting safety and attractiveness for users and occupants.
  • Non-slip walkways included.
  • BBA Certified.

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For further details and downloadable specification go to:

NBS Plus website : Section J31- Liquid Applied Waterproof Roof Coverings Reference : 110 Cold Applied Roof Coverings.

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