Hyflex 15 is a cold applied liquid roof waterproofing system based on modified bitumens giving a comprehensive 15 year guarantee.

Hyflex 15 has evolved as a result of the process of continuous product development. The system utilises constituents of our traditional bituminous liquid coatings combined with additional modified coatings, which provide increased flexibility, strength and durability.

Compatible with most substrates including mastic asphalt, built up felt roofing, timber and concrete. As with all Hyflex Systems, being applied in liquid form it is particularly suitable for dressing to intricate detail work.

Key Features

•     15 year guarantee
•     Seamless
•     Light in weight
•     Easily maintained
•     Suitable for maintenance traffic
•     Cold applied
•     AA fire rating
•     Long life expectancy
•     Single source security
•     Revival system
•     Optional colour finishes
•     Excellent value for money
•     Improved durability
•     Suitable for use over insulation
•     Multiple substrate compatibility
•     Non slip walkways are available

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For further details and downloadable specification go to:

NBS Plus Website – Section J31- Liquid Applied Waterproof Roof Coverings Reference – 110 Cold Applied Roof Coverings.

For further information please call us on 0121 502 9580 or email us at enquiries@hyflex.co.uk