The complete liquid cold applied reinforced roof waterproofing system.

Exemplar is based on the latest PMMA [polymethylmethacrylate] technology, which in essence provides a lightweight, flexible, thin but tough, fully bonded totally waterproof system, which can be applied to virtually all substrates, and is suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects.

Features & Benefits

  • Cold Applied,  no flame.
  • Quick cure,  rain proof in 30 mins, walk on in one hour.
  • Compatible with all common substrates,  no need to strip existing.
  • Fully bonded,  no wind uplift, no flow of water between membrane and substrate maintenance traffic.
  • UV resistant,  resists degradation and maintains finish and colour.
  • Low maintenance,  cuts service costs.
  • Vapour permeable,  underlying roof structure will dry out over time.
  • Seamless finish,  no ingress through weak seams, joints or fixings.
  • Root resistant,  suitable for extensive Green Roof applications.
  • Low temperature application:  can be applied in UK winters [-5ºc]
  • Liquid applied,  the system can be shaped to complex details.
  • Elastomeric,  the system can cope with unforeseen  movement and cracking.
  • Durable,  the system accommodates maintenance traffic. {Non slip finishes are available}
  • Fire resistant AA rated,  lower insurance costs.
  • Non slip walkways are available.
  • BBA Certified.

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For further details and downloadable specification go to:

NBS Plus website – Section J31- Liquid Applied Waterproof Roof Coverings Reference – 110 Cold Applied Roof Coverings.

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