Built in 1970, the city centre Bewick Court had an existing roof which has been exposed to over forty years of weathering and was in need of a facelift.  To fully waterproof the surface for client Places for People within the tight eight week deadline, the Hyflex specialist team recommended the Triflex material due to the quick curing process which was essential in certain areas of the work.

Chemical and UV resistant, the cold liquid applied reinforced waterproofing system was applied direct by rollers.  Suitable for all common roof build ups, Triflex is extremely weather resistant and is compatible with the majority of substrates.

The roof of the 65 metre high building is home to a large number of satellite dishes and communication receivers which along with the confined space under the existing plant room made the application of the Triflex system very challenging. Demonstrating a high standard of workmanship, over 554 m2 of detailed work was completed on time and within the client’s agreed budget.

The new roofing system was delivered to an exceptional standard, ensuring a fully bonded totally waterproof system that will serve the building for many years to come. High-performance materials, outstanding workmanship and the expertise demonstrated by Hyflex have ensured that the new high quality roof met and exceeded the client’s demands.